Wed 07 Jan 2004 14:35:16 GMT

January 7, 2004

Been kinda a long day. I got a haircut, called and waited on hold for far too long about broken machines, sifted through a lot of misc email and feature requests for yum and generally felt like portions of my todo list got shorter. However, I also added new bureaucratic fun.

Talked a bit about the metadata project and set some not-so wonderful tentative deadlines. I might take a week off just to work on that so I can get away from my email and normal job. 🙂

Talked to justin for a while about optimizing the metadata import, realized I’ve never made a baseline for it so I’m not sure how much time I can work with for optimizing it anyway. I should do that tonight, see how it goes.

I should probably try to build jabberd2 tonight while something else spins.

Things learned today:

– It’s the year of the monkey

– russians follow the eastern zodiac


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