Wed 07 Jan 2004 23:36:43 GMT

January 7, 2004

More work on metadata. I fixed up the generate for exceptions and added an exception class for the import.

I also did some more tests on the import for multiple repositories and straightened out a few dumb things. On the whole it looks better than when I started.

Uploaded all my changes, I need to import the whole shebang into a cvs tree but I’ve not done it yet.

I also started making my todo list for yum to merge this stuff in. I need a yum exception, urlgrabber to do byteranges, and I need to handle all the new config file changes. This is going to be a complete renovation of yum’s internals to handle this format. So far it seems like it will be a performance win. The dependency resolution tests I’ve done on any-old package from fc1 have resolved all of its deps in under a second. There is still the archscoring and multiarch tricks to play out but I’m looking forward to fixing that code again. 🙂

The girl made a lovely dinner last night: rice noodles in soy sauce and sesame oil with a tofu, red peppers, scallions and parsely in some sort of asian-flavored sauce. Yummy, coulda gone for a little less parsely though.


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