Thu 08 Jan 2004 23:45:45 GMT

January 8, 2004

More work on the metadata front. I shaved another 10s or so off of my testcase for generating the metadata. Chased one optimization idea down for a while, ran the test, and realized I saved exactly nothing. My, what a good feeling that was. 🙂

Oh well.

I made limeade tonight, I love fresh made limeade. The Girl made curry potato pancakes and some sort of squash stew. It was quite tasty. The potato pancakes were filling though so the stew was just more than I could eat.

Spent a lot of time on a thread on fedora-devel-list about the providing rpm reverse deltas for people to download smaller patches for packages rather than whole new packages. It’s something like a wild goose chase to expect people to keep up with whatever is being considered the ‘original’ package that the delta is being generated against. The infrastructure to help cope with this is also not available.

I think if I can finish out the rest of this week I’ll be able to settle down to more time on putting yum and the metadata together. Been reading recently on louie‘s prompting. It’s nice to see some of the ideas the gnome-folk are coming up with. It needs an rss feed so I can read it in straw w/o having to go all the way to the web.

Maybe some of the fedora people should be encouraged to comment on things they’re working on.


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