Sun 11 Jan 2004 08:19:59 GMT

January 11, 2004


as far as work goes yesterday was a wash. I went to a friends house. We played mario kart on my gamecube and a projector for about 6 hours with two other friends. It was a blast. Came home. Watched a movie (The Importance of Being Ernest) which was also terribly fun, then read some email and went to bed.

plans for today

breakfast/brunch/whatever then to the bcc for work and what not. I want to autoconf and makefile createrepo for the metadata project and push that out to people. Then I need to work on releasing a yum 2.0.5 and yum+metadata.

The things I attempted to break to make x86_64 updates work with yum appears to have not broken everything, yet.

The syslog patches someone sent for yum are not unreasonable but I’m debating whether or not they should be in 2.0.X or if they should wait for the metadata-enabled version.


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