Mon 12 Jan 2004 15:32:01 GMT

January 12, 2004

I did an amazing amount of bureaucratic paper pushing today. It was mildly astounding. Luckily, I got enough done where I might be able to do real work tomorrow. We’ll see. New motherboard fixed the backup server hiccups. Always happy to see that happen.

Plan on working metadata some more tonight. Fix up some exceptions, load in the to make it act like a module and then see if I want to move it all around. I’m kinda lost for names right now. At the moment it’s in a dir called ‘import’ b/c that’s what it does, it imports the metadata from the xml into memory. However I think:

import packageSack from import

is going to cause confusion :).

maybe pkgMD or some such nonsense.

the other option is to make this one module of a series of modules for something like and rpmutils module.

I should ask the rpm-python list, maybe they have a suggestion.

sushi or salad tonight.

either way yummy.


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