Mon 12 Jan 2004 22:16:32 GMT

January 12, 2004

I’ve been following along in for a little while now. It’s interesting to read some of the thoughts people put in there. Not just gnome-related but anything related. It’s curious to see how many of them are very deeply involved in what they do. Heartening, in fact.

I didn’t get much work done tonight. Spent a lot of time talking about issues with linux distibutions and things that duke needs versus things that universities need in general versus what is available out there. It’s kinda frustrating. I sorta wish there was a big base distro that everyone could pull from to build up what they need. I know that’s silly but it’d be nice if the majorplayers would work on a common, free, base. It’d be like fedora but between two big groups for a base of an os.

Alas I think business interest would preclude either from giving much ground even though both companies would benefit from not having to do the same work.

Well that’s enough for tonight.


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