Tue 13 Jan 2004 21:42:02 GMT

January 13, 2004

Force fed createrepo to others. They found bugs immediately. I fixed many of them this evening. Yay for bug fixing. Exercised with the girl. Feel good about that. Reading planet.gnome.org, noted this entry by dave camp. I have to say that I feel really sorry for myfriends who are in the great white north.

A couple of useful notes to remember:

1. don’t eat dried cranberries right before bed

2. if you want to get work done, don’t go to your office.

3. one of the most evil things in the history of the world is when companies change firmware revisions without iterating the version number.

Got the backup server happy and the tapedrive is running amanda’s tapetype on it now. Hopefully it will finish before I die.

Came home feeling pretty blah, but I decided to work from home tomorrow and see what I can get done and for whatever reason that made me feel better about the world.

Had a partially soul-crushing event of showing one of my users how to ‘make’ a webpage. It’s documented, we’ve explained it but he’s 800 years old and he refuses to take ‘it’s documented, go read about it’ for an answer.

Looking forward to filling the user support position.


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