Wed 14 Jan 2004 15:17:22 GMT

January 14, 2004

much package building, updating and talking today.

Pushed errata out for various things for duke. Some backlog, nothing too heinous. Glad to get that out of the way. Of course more errata released today from red hat and fedora legacy.

Well, not actually released from fedora legacy but most of the way there. I need to add my QA bits to the bugzilla reports. But I’ve tested the packages on systems in physics and they’re looking pretty ok.

More importantly the patches are straightforward and the people seem to be paying attention to things. Sometimes I think the best QA would be to just mark some people as being able to push stuff out and go from there. If something gets screwed up it gets fixed. Shit happens. I mean we know red hat hasn’t always issued flawless errata, why should fedora legacy be held to a higher standard?

New Fedora News came out today.

OLS call for papers was issued too. Looking at 1. if I have anything interesting enough to talk about and 2. if I can get tickets and what not soon b/c I definitely want to go.

spent some time on #gnome today. Talked to telsa a bit about gnome on networks and gconf pain.


gconf locale fun

general pain

Enjoyable to me to know that other people consider these serious problems. Hope to get them fixed one way or the other. I like gnome, it’s much easier on the eyes than kde for me, but these low-level problems need solving before too much work is done and people get too entrenched in their features.

I know the various powers-that-be know about them, it’s just about figuring out a nice way of solving the problems.

Oh well. something else to think about.


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