Thu 15 Jan 2004 21:46:19 GMT

January 15, 2004

Jeff Waugh is my hero. I got the code today. It’s spiffy. Straightforward code.

Take the rss feeds, grab entries, drop a cache in, sort them based on posting time, run them through a templating engine, spit out rss, done.

Very nice. Started working on a page for the various and sundry fedora people. It works well. I thefted the layout and butchered it a little bit. I’m sure someone will abuse me about that soon enough.

Did some work on createrepo today. Realized how completely broken fiFromHeader() is. Need to figure out another way to get this data out of the header. Oh well.

Server failure this morning at 5:30am. Felt like crap, went in, fixed it, came home, slept, got up, went in, felt like crap, came home, napped, ate, was pampered a bit by the girl(thanks), felt better, worked on various things and avoided my mail with amazing diligence.

the girl triaged her first bug for the gnome bug day today. Very excited about that.


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