Fri 16 Jan 2004 18:17:45 GMT

January 16, 2004

– fan in a file server went poof, so file server went crash.

– network connection at duke went poof, so seth went ‘agh’.

Brought up the fedora people pages. It’s quite spiffy looking but I’ve been told by garret it could use some ‘sprucing’. I will be glad to let him spruce but I’m not a sprucer and I shall bear no sprucing being foisted upon me.

stared at the genFileList() code and boggled as to how the hell to get the data out of the header without a functioning fileclasses and/or fiFromHeader(). Nasrat was kind enough to file the labelCompare() segfault so hopefully there will be some traction on that.

working on building some new stuff for fedora legacy. I really hope things work out ok there. Some misc drivel on the mailing list but some of it is getting to where things need to be. I’ve already pushed the cvs errata out to my people internally and it works fine. So I’m feeling pretty good about the people patching stuff’s ability to see things and if not provide a patch at least find one 🙂

Debating b/t metadata work tonight and mario kart.


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