Sat 17 Jan 2004 06:56:51 GMT

January 17, 2004

changelog entries in rpm spec files.

here is a changelog entry:

* Thu Jul 11 2002 Seth Vidal
– added rpm require

rpm breaks that out into:

changelogtime – unix time conversion of (Thu Jul 11 2002)

changelogname – ‘Seth Vidal ‘

changelogtext – ‘ added rpm require’

It has recently become popular to do:

* Fri Aug 2 2002 Nalin Dahyabhai 2.0.13-1
– specify log files individually, per faq wizard

– update to 2.0.13

see that ‘2.0.13-1’ appended to the name. Now let’s break this one down into it’s rpm header contents:

changelogtime – unix time of ‘Fri Aug 2 2002’

changelogname – ‘Nalin Dahyabhai 2.0.13-1’

changelogcontent – ‘specify log files individually, per faq wizard\n update to 2.0.13’

I think including the version in a changelog is a good idea, but not in the ‘name’ field. Include it as the first line of the comments.

Either rpm needs to redefine its fields for this version tag OR it should be in the comments.

End Rant.


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