Sun 18 Jan 2004 22:43:20 GMT

January 18, 2004

Released a new createrepo and worked on refactoring some of the import class so it can deal with importing a local rpmdb and/or an rpm file on disk. I also ripped a lot of functions from yum in head to get rid of the things I won’t need anymore.

The refactoring should put me on the road to having an object containing all the packages from the repositories and an object containing all the packages from the local rpmdb. Then something to compare them, to look for updates and I’m on my way to function duplication with yum as is.

After that the hard parts are – redoing the depresolution, keeping track of the architecture and downloading stuff sanely.

There’s an unbelieveable amount to do it appears but I hope to come out of it on the other side with a much more flexible and portable structure. In this, the best of all possible worlds, I should have a set of classes finished to:

1. generate the metadata (more or less true, now – see createrepo)

2. import the metadata (getting there, not entirely true but I’d call it 90%)

3. resolve deps from the metadata

If anyone out there is bored and wants to work on a class to handle various things get in touch with me. I might be able to find places where I can use the help.

I’d also be interested in some code/class audits of the import classes. In particular, I’d love for it to be looked at for integrating into [redhat|system]-config-packages. So if there is anyone interested drop me a line via email or irc.

Watched a fair bit of buffy the vampire slayer with the girl tonight. That was fun, it’s nice to kick back on the sofa and do that every now and then. Also vacuumed, I like vacuuming, I have no idea why – it’s just fun. MLK-day tomorrow so I’ll probably be avoiding the office and see if I can finish out the refactoring of the import classes and start down the road to a functional yum.


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