Mon 19 Jan 2004 22:20:37 GMT

January 19, 2004

Worked on metadata project some more. The createrepo is in pretty good shape for an initial release. Need to post that to fedora-devel-list soon. I worked on the metadata handling for yum and I made some good progress. I’m rewriting a ton of functions and classes I used in yum and I’m making them MUCH more generic. I thought about this and decided to write some rpm handling Utilities as a python module. Nothing fancy but a collection of all those things that all of us have written N times. The intention is to compile a list of a bunch of functions clean them up into functions with standard parameters and/or in nicer classes and keep them happy that way.

ideally I’d like each of the classes/functions to take an optional progress callback function and an optional log/errorlog function(s). I’m thinking a set of functions that:

  • interact with the default rpm TransactionSet
  • produce holder classes for the rpmdb core data
  • simple functions to handle some of the ‘quirks’ of the rpm python module
  • class/function to generate updates b/t sets of pkgs
  • header retrieval from rpms on disk, from rpmdb
  • Utilities exceptions for gracefully handling problems
  • whatever else is commonly useful

This is what I’m thinking about and there are lots of places where there is room for others to help out. If anyone is interested pick a function you commonly use and think could be made suitably generic to match the above requirements and drop it to the rpm-python-list.

In other yum-related news – I grabbed a new urlgrabber from ryan. This looks cool and good. I need to merge in the config changes and a whole pile of other changes but I feel like I actually made some progress today.


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