Wed 21 Jan 2004 23:01:04 GMT

January 21, 2004


Lots of fedora discussion today. Fair bit of it prompted by thomasvs‘s post on the subject of fedora being a bit, *ahem*, slow. I can’t say I disagree with Thomas. He’s spot-on with his take. It’s slow to the point of stopped, except for the normal ‘red hat developers do what they did before when it was called red hat linux’ part. I get the illustrious developer access interface of ‘bugzilla or email patches and maybe they’ll get accepted’. I feel involved and trusted now! If I sound bitter it’s b/c I am 🙂

Heard it was a real party at the BoF today at LWE – lots of confusion. From ‘the community’ to red hat and from red hat to ‘the community’. Always a good way to get things going. Confusion!

A while ago people accused me of being paranoid. I think I’m not paranoid if everytime I think something seems fishy it turns out to be fishy. I’m not paranoid. I’m PSYCHIC.

Real Work:

Played with the new tape changer. Found out all sorts of neat stuff with it and some broken things. Hoping to take the plunge into daily backups tomorrow or over the weekend. Did my normal day-to-day thing. Got to get fc1 test1 for x86_64 in an install-tree position for those beowulf nodes we got in. Also need to play the 2-racks-of-node-shuffle to get the new ones in and the old ones (the steaming piles of crap that they are) out. I do so enjoy moving hardware around with wild abandon.


Merged some more things into yum-new. Tried to refocus some developers to not worrying about ways to speed up .hdr transfers. Need to sort out:

  • proxies in urlgrabber in the config file
  • handling Adrian’s new mirroring file/stuff in the config file.
  • change around the options parser a bit to handle the config changes – and the chroot stuff makes the config file even more fun, really.

* This entire post was brought to you by bitterness, sarcasm and, of course, confusion!

** oh, and the letter A, number 9 and letter Q

*** and a shrubbery


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