Fri 23 Jan 2004 13:53:32 GMT

January 23, 2004

Noticed Adrian’s mention of the metadata import being slow. Did some benchmarking and asked him about it, too.

on my speedstepped p3-550 laptop I get 15s for importing metadata for 1467 packages.

Adrian said he was seeing 45s importing on a p3-700. I really hope his system was very busy. 🙂 He tried it again and got 15ish.Wonder if xmlReader is faster than parseDoc.

Fixed the config parser in yum up some. New data storage stuff. Merged ryan’s include=/some/url parsing. Had to clean it a bit to make it work with the new urlgrabber but that is merged too.

Slicing and dicing on the todo list. 🙂 Not as quick as adrian, though. Curses!

More things shaking and being discussed about fedora. Lots of frustration on all sides (inside and outside red hat). Maybe some good can come out of it. Sounds like change happening, we’ll see what comes out of it.

In really good news fedora legacy, thanks to jkeating, released packages to patch things. Looks great to me.

more later when I know more.


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