Tue 27 Jan 2004 23:01:14 GMT

January 27, 2004


I abstracted everything in the config handlers so now you can read in the yum.conf completely indepently of yum and not have to worry about stupid calls to sys.exit(). Also made the internal data holding of the config data more intelligent. I’ve found I tend to make method names too long, though. Have to work on that. Slowly building out the yum module for use.

Need to check all this stuff in, However, I’ve completely broken track with HEAD and I need to figure out how to nicely check it all in.


Duke was closed again today so I slept in and worked on this stuff. Tomorrow I have to play all backups all the time. Should hopefully only take a couple of hours in the morning to bring the new machine online and be done with it. I’m sure I’ll have no fewer than 80 interruptions in that time, but, oh well. that’s how these things go.

Also need to push errata out to duke this week. With duke being closed I’m loathe to push errata to machines when I know there are no admins about to poke at reset switches if something goes horribly wrong.


So it sounds like fedorapeople might be moving to fedora.redhat.com. The red hat folks have some ducks to organize first but hopefully it will get straightened out soon and on its way.

Some good feedback from Gafton on my email to the lists. We’ll see how it goes. Right now it seems like there has been something of a fire lit at red hat about fedora. Hope that lasts, I’d like for things to work out and be useful.

Good to see Jef posting to his blog and good to see the triage postings going on. Need more people on that list triaging things, though.

Jeremy sounds like he has been having a fun time getting fc2 test1 ready to roll. Going to make the first test very exciting to run, I think. šŸ™‚


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