Wed 28 Jan 2004 22:58:10 GMT

January 28, 2004


– maybe fedora bugzilla should be separate from red hat bugzilla in order to keep the sheer volume of useless and open bugs to a minimum. It would also provide a good place to figure out how to make bugzilla’s know something about one another for cross-bugzilla notification. Additionally it would mean two very similar environments which has the perk of making it easier to replicate ‘oddities’ in each.

– looked at how to make python modules from c libraries tonight. Need to think about it – mostly I just want gtk-spell or gnome-spell for gnome-blog.

– triage is a good idea – I like it. Go Jef!


Tape drive is online and accounts all got created today. These are good things


– wrote up a yum-flow document and a yum ‘this is what I need document’ so I know where I need to spend time making things work. maybe I should post these and let other folks look into working on some of them. I would feel better if I had the lib stuff ironed first, though. Once that gets done I’ll feel like I can run rough-shod over the client interface and break all sorts of interesting things. 🙂

– ryan made urlgrabber have internal proxy configuration support, this is cool so now I don’t have to muck around in environment variables. Go ryan!

For Jef – The Texas Steel Chainsaw Magnolia Massacre – and I personally know guys for whom Thelma and Louise was a Horror movie. 🙂


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