Wed 25 Feb 2004 11:38:33 GMT

February 25, 2004

And in other news of pain. Trip to the dentist today confirmed that, no, I don’t need a filling in this tooth, I need a root canal.

They suggested I get the root canal before getting the wisdom teeth out. So I’ll be doing root canal on march 9th and wisdom teeth on march 12th.

I’m in my own special private hell.

Tue 24 Feb 2004 23:28:52 GMT

February 24, 2004


New yum pushed to rawhide^Wdevelopment tree. Yum 2.0.5 into fedora core 1 updates-testing. Changed a couple of trivial things in the yum.conf man pages. Also did the enablegroups=0|1 thing. I need to update the docs more to:

  • remove all references to ‘server’ and replace it with ‘repository’
  • all the places where I mention a configParser boolean needs to say ‘0|off|no or 1|on|yes’ for the value. It would make people less confused at times, I think.


Discussion of the cvs^wsvn^wtla^wrcs server today. Looking forward to how that finishes out. I need to try out Matthias’ zope packages sometime soon – see how zope would do as a cms for fedora.


mirror server is so overloaded people internally are complaining. Synced the important bits over to the internal distribution server. I need to:

  • setup tux and just bite the bullet on it
  • turn cbq back on again
  • add ram
  • add a second processor
  • maybe play with thttpd and see if I can make it not suck
  • see what other people are doing to make their http servers fast and correct (ie: boa has issues with sometimes serving up the wrong dir index, but the right data below the index)


The girl is sick :(. She has a fever and body aches. Want the girl to get well soon. 😦

My dad came in to town from visiting my elder brother in GA. We had dinner and talked for a long while, it was really nice. He ended up staying here instead of driving home b/c his flight was late. Kinda pleased about that, would rather not have him fall asleep while driving home late at night. It was nice to eat dinner with him when we’re both not completely slammed with things to do.

Scheduled the oral surgery for the 12th. Need to make sure to change roots before then so I can’t do stupid things while I’m drugged up and cranky. ok, well I’m always cranky.

Visited another place to live. The guy never showed up to show us the apartment but it didn’t look like a place we wanted to live, so all the better. Reconsidering that townhouse now. I still don’t like the kitchen but we might be able to make-do. I dunno, worried that the kitchen will annoy me too much and annoy the girl, too.

Mon 23 Feb 2004 00:11:43 GMT

February 23, 2004


Well I faced facts – the new metadata work isn’t going to be ready by this friday when the freeze is for FC2 test 2. So, I punted, backported a number of useful options to yum 2.0.X and did a couple of hacky things to speed up header acquisition.

On the plus side I implemented a couple of long-desired features:

–download-only – only download packages, don’t do anything with them

–exclude= – add package(s) to the exclude lists on the cli

bootloader=0 – turn off updating of the bootloader on new kernel install/update.

Gave commit access for yum to a couple of deserving folks. Yay Ryan.


Watched Jonny English and An Ideal Husband. I’d seen the latter before – such a great movie. The former was Naked Gun in England. My parents and younger brother were in town this weekend for a golf tournament for my brother. He did pretty well. It was nice to see them and kinda relax with them. They stayed with me which was a little cramped but over all fairly nice. I got to watch Logan play golf for the first time and he’s quite good. Sunday, on the whole, was lovely.

My Mom loved An Ideal Husband and on the whole saturday night was really pleasant. My Dad flew out to Georgia to visit my brother. Kinda hoping he’ll stop by back here on his way back from Georgia. Not sure if he’ll have time. It’d be nice to have dinner with just he and I.

Mon 23 Feb 2004 23:04:17 GMT

February 23, 2004

Sleep is such a long lost friend of mine.


Fixed the comps hack so it actually works now (Thanks to Jeff Sheltren and Josko Plazonic) and I added in enablegroups=0|1 for repository configuration.

I’m hoping to add in reading rpmdb-$distro soonish and have that as the preferred option over comps/hdlist reading. The hdlists do lack changelogs and some people like searching those. (freaks πŸ™‚


Not much of one – watched the girl and her friend work on manga and I thought fondly of sleep. Oral Surgeon tomorrow for my consultation for when I’ll have pain inflicted on me. Then dentist on Wednesday.


Debate on Open vs Closed source Build vs Buy at Clac on thursday. I fully expect that to be a flamefest. I’m supposed to be one of the people on the ‘panel’ or something, I think, I’m not sure. I figure I’ll show up and talk, or I won’t, we’ll see. πŸ™‚


From the doom I’m hearing I fully expect fc2 test2 to cause the world to explode. Sounds like selinux is an interesting level of pain.

I’m wondering where the public CVS server has gotten off to.

Wed 18 Feb 2004 23:48:15 GMT

February 18, 2004

libxml2 quote from Dive into Mark:

Libxml2 is fast. I mean insanely fast. Nothing else even comes close. It is insanely fast and insanely compliant with all the specifications that it claims to support, and it is getting faster while gaining more features. So you just know that somewhere, someone is selling their soul to somebody, and you just hope it isn’t you.

I just think that’s cool. Go DV!


I’ve been working on various items and kinda seeing something resembling the tunnel and maybe some light at it. Which clearly means I’m delusional. Nevertheless, I realized there are a lot of glue-ish functions that need writing so I started asking people I know and trust to see if they have time/interest to beat up on some of them. I kinda hope they do.

Also I realized if I can get all of this working and sane, there will be some evil-cool things that we can get out of it. Just lots of misc things to do.


All of the opterons we have rails for are up and running, yay for that. It’s amazing. Whenever it seems like I have more work outside of physics to do, it also seems like work in physics explodes into a ton of tiny little jobs at the same time.

Special hell.


  1. dental work needed – joy, cleaning tomorrow, filling issue next week, then scheduling wisdom teeth extraction. Did I mention joy?
  2. parents coming in town this weekend w/little brother – should be cool
  3. still shopping for apartment/house – at least one new place on our list to look up.
  4. really need to start getting to bed at sane hours
  5. been reading ‘wicked’ by gregory maguire. Cool, so far, I like hearing ‘a’ backstory to the wicked witch of the west.

Tue 17 Feb 2004 05:26:31 GMT

February 17, 2004

Not posted all weekend. Spent the time working on the updates code and spending some time with the girl. Nice valentines day, overall. Got the updates code working and have a bunch of fairly ridiculous test cases that it passes with flying colors, including the biarch updating. I realized I needed to handle all the possible ‘oh my god this is so stupid’ cases. I think at some point I should write a script that looks through the packages and deps in your rpmdb and says ‘the following incredibly odd things have been found, you should fix them’

I’m convinced that if you stare at package update determination code for longer than 20 minutes at a time you’ll slowly slip into a coma.

Now the obsoletes lists – these should be comparatively much easier.

Tomorrow it is the opteron install, though. Much racking and shuffling of nodes! yay! or something.

more here soonish – too tired to write much else.

ps: as I’m writing this advogato is apparently down for maintenance. I think gnome-blog needs some error dialog boxes for when that occurs.

Fri 13 Feb 2004 01:35:39 GMT

February 13, 2004

ugh. up way too late. My hours are zooming rapidly west. Not good.

Tomorrow’s going to suck b/c I was up late tinkering with the rpmUtils module. Need to draw up a game plan. Hopefully the folks on the rpm-python-list will help me with ideas.

Mostly I’ve been going through various rpm-python based projects and stealing code or finding commonly used code and implementing something like it.

Wed 11 Feb 2004 00:26:40 GMT

February 11, 2004

Lots of yum work and discussion tonight. Thinned the herd on old dumb variables and started generating some paper-code for an updates class.

Gist of it is:

2 lists of name, arch, epoch, ver, rel for packages:

list1 is the installed pkgs

list2 is in the available pkgs

allows an optional dict of obsoletes available in the pkg lists

allows to return:

– list of packages that update something installed

– list of packages that obsolete something installed

– mapping of packages that update something to that which they update

– mapping of packages that obsolete something to that which they obsolete

– list of packages that are both obsolete-able and update-able (ewwww)

should take some configuration options:

– exactarch = [0|1]

– logging/debug methods for outputting decisions being made


I started work on rewriting the update templater. It’s used by fedora legacy and core for sending out those nifty little update notices. A couple of logical snags are kinda hanging me up at the moment. Working on the other functions that need writing in the mean time.

Trying to make it support multiple dists and multiple-package update notices is trickier than one might expect, especially when you consider the changelog information is being printed. Makes little sense to include the changelog for all the packages listed if either: 1. they came from the same srpm or 2. they’re different for each distro version.

So I think changelog information is of questionable value. If there is an update then the update comment should include the requisite information, right?

The fun part about this little script is that I think I’m going to have it dump out a simple xml file for the update AND the formatted text output for the update notice. That way the xml file could be put in a directory with all the other update notices so then a script could be run on that dir to return the last N notices in, say, a simple rss feed, or to a web page.

I know, I know, why not just use a database to store this data? Well, frankly, this is the sort of information I could see being very valuable and often-used. That being the case replicating these files via mirrors might not be out of the question. Mirroring a bunch of small xml files is A LOT easier than doing the same for a sql db.

I dunno. I welcome other ideas. It’s late and my brain is breaking down.

I moved all the data around on and Lots of free space now for the misc test releases that Justin does. I hope there will be some other test dists up there too. Like a ppc tree (hint, hint Paul and Elliot πŸ™‚


paperwork, misc milling about and reorganizing parts of our server room. Thrilling. No. Really. I mean it. πŸ™‚


Took a lovely impromptu nap on the sofa with the girl right after work. It was quite nice.

apartment hunting – looked at an apartment with the girl today. The place is lovely. Good location, lighting isn’t too bad, some neat designs. And then there’s the kitchen. It’s tiny, it is like a tiny little cage. It could possibly be the most unwelcoming kitchen I’ve ever been in. It’s so cramped that it is a complete deal breaker. So, I think it rather unlikely that we’ll take it. A shame too, the location really is spectacular.


spent some time cleaning up my yum todo list. I also spent a good while writing some email about yum. I described in fairly good detail the new yum ‘theory of operation’. It describes how I want yum to use the new metadata and what things I think yum gains out of doing this. I should definitely clean that email up a bit and post it to the yum list – it’s got some good info which would probably clear some things up for people I’m working with.


much good discussion with gafton and notting on irc this evening. Lots of talk about what things need to get done and in what order.

I got the new disk setup for but I’ve not moved the data over. Got sidetracked doing other things this weekend. Will have to work on this during this week.

built up a mailman rpm for fedora legacy – tested it – looks good for me πŸ™‚