Sun 01 Feb 2004 23:52:47 GMT

February 1, 2004


Had a reasonably nice weekend. Watched Down With Love and Sex and Lucia with the girl. The first one was campy and silly the second was brilliantly filmed and an interesting storyline.

Ate out at Pops and enjoyed watching the cooks prepare the food behind the counter. It was pleasant and crowded and relaxed.

Played with orkut this weekend as someone decided I was one of the coolkids and invited me. Never been one of the coolkids before. I felt special and somehow better than everyone else 🙂

The most impressive thing to me about orkut is the speed and responsiveness of their system. I’m not sure how or what they have handling the backend but it’s ugly fast from my perspective.


released yum 2.0.5 for mass use – lots of misc fixes and little improvements – nothing earth shattering – see the changelog for all the misc things. Got patches for the 2.0.X branch of yum from a couple of different people and some for 1.0.X. The 1.0.X series needs some love, nothing too serious just things that could be nicer. Not sure if I want to bother too much, though, rpm 4.0.4 is kinda outdated now. As I’ve been working on the new yum code 2.0.X is slowly slipping lower on my priority list. My goal is that new work will be able to completely supplant 2.0.X b/c it should be entirely compatible with systems that can run 2.0.X. Right now what I really want to do is get the new yum in a functional state so people can start complaining and moaning about things in it so I can settle it down a bit.

Speakingg of that, worked on the new yum stuff. Thought about for a long while then wrote in a considerably-less-long-while the repository classes I needed for managing lists of repositories reasonably cleanly. I think a few people are gonna hate me for making this into separate classes but it lets me expand the repository config info without making explode in size and complexity. It also simplifies the failover class a bit. And it means not having to muck around with libxml2 inside If I want to have xml-based repository lists (or something like that) I just setup a new repository object and populate it to my hearts content.

So, yet again, progress – slow but steady enough.


The tapedrive did what I expected it to do this weekend. This is a very good thing. Also the write performance seems very admirable – 30MB/s is so much nicer than the 6MB/s we got on the old tape drive. In fact it is 5 times as nice!

Need to do data restore tests tomorrow and make sure I’m getting the md5sums on the files that I expect to get. After that I’ll schedule the archivals for this weekend and move the drive down to the dungeon. Then I get to re-do the rdiff-backup server.


Some folks I know are talking about gnome snapshot builds and I’ve been thinking/talking about the feasibility of helping them with it in the ways I might be able to. Lots to sort through but I do like the idea of snapshots built for gnome betas/testing releases. If there were packages for the major and common platforms it’d be a boon to testing for gnome and hopefully that could mean that the official releases were even more stable than they normally are.


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