Tue 03 Feb 2004 23:46:01 GMT

February 3, 2004

fun today, no really, I mean it.

No real estimate on the new chiller for the server room air handler. I love getting the run around.

Login at work, sit down, set my laptop up next to me, start cleaning up drive space so I can test yum upgrading to rawhide from fc1. Notice a couple of rm -rf’s taking a while. Notice the dma errors in dmesg and then the ext3 errors popping up.

Ok boot out to PXE, load up the ibm disk util that Icon was so nice enough to load into our pxelinux config. Run a scan, oh look, bad sectors. oh look, lots of them. Boot up again, force feed critical data off the disk to my desktop. (not much data, really, like 200-300MB worth).

Call IBM, read them the error code from their disk scanning util, they proceed to explain to me that my disk is bad. No Way!

We exchange addresses, phone numbers, promise to call each other after the summer, provided they SEND ME A NEW DRIVE!

Run home, get old spare 20GB disk from laptop, slap it in, start doing a net install of anaconda. Churn Churn Churn. This goes smoothly and relatively w/o problems. Boot up. Normal set of ‘new things’ are weird. nautilus is a lot snappier and kinda irritating. Galeon conspicuously absent from this machine (I used the one from fedora.us under fc1). Also no gnome-blog or straw.

Go home. Get home, power up laptop.

View it suspiciously as it makes a horrible whining noise. Remember why I stopped using this disk the first time – the horrible whining noise. Spend the evening reconfiguring and watching all the little broken things, eagerly expecting a new disk tomorrow and hopefully less horrible whining noise.

Built straw and gnome-blog and pybsddb and galeon for fc2.


Need to convince everyone that yum cvs HEAD is where you want to look if you want to know what I’m currently working on. That’s where I’m doing anything new and it’s the branch where I’m paying the most attention.


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