Thu 05 Feb 2004 22:55:02 GMT

February 5, 2004


Moved the old painful nodes to a smaller rack, put the new backup server in the server rack, cleaned up the tapes a bit, devised evil to shuffle the room around to make space for the new opterons. All very well. Put the new project space online for the nuclear theory group(s) and reshuffled how they lay out their automounted space. It’s a lot nicer now but a negative point is the implementation of group quotas on that space. I don’t like group quotas. They aren’t a clean solution and in general, ick.

Felt accomplished though. really got some stuff done today that needed doing.


Installed the new disk from ibm today. It’s quiet and correct, as it should be. Reconfigured things for the new fc2ish rawhide I installed. Things worked, more or less, wireless configuration in the system-config-network a little goofy, otherwise appears to be working on.

Almost a shame evolution 1.6 won’t be ready for gnome 2.6. It’s a lot faster than 1.4.X right now, just not quite stable 🙂

Need to go through and report some bugs in fc2 overall, damned functional, though.

The new ibm X40s were announced in Japan. Soon to be out in the states. oy. X40 – 2.7lbs of goodness. Looks terribly nice. This also means that the X31 overstocks should start showing up in various places. Which means cheap X31s to buy. Yay!


I need to spend a lot of time on yum this weekend. Get some things covered quickly and start with the semi-functional releases of the new testing version.

I realized through talking with some folks that there are some things on yum I definitely want to do myself as a learning thing. So I need to go through and prioritize that list and make a list of things I don’t mind having someone else do and post it. That, I think, would help things along.


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