Sat 07 Feb 2004 21:59:13 GMT

February 7, 2004


I posted some rpms built with the gaim patch applied to rhl9 for fc1.You can find them at the bottom of this bug.

Pretty straightforward application. Not sure why the gaim in fc1 updates-testing has been stalled for so long. I know red hat developers are pretty seriously overworked at times but this one doesn’t look too bad. Oh well, hopefully this will help them out and it can be moved to updates for fc1.

I’ll be glad when fedora external cvs opens up so maybe this will get ‘easier’. This probably means my cvs-fu needs to get better than it is. Oh well.

Running rawhide on my laptop now. Some ‘weird’ things – mostly metacity’s focus-follows-mouse mode appears to be completely borked. Not sure what’s going on – it’s like it’s focus-follows-mouse except w/o the following-mouse part. 🙂

Icon added a new disk to on friday. I’m going to mount it in place and migrate the data around soon. Need more room for Justin and friends to put their stuff that hasn’t made it to red hat’s site yet.


worked on cleaning up my todo list today. It’s tidier. It’s fleshed out more. Need to post it and I need to post to explain the direction things are going. I think a lot of people are confused.It’s probably b/c I’ve been just sorta working and not really talking all that much. Or rather, talking less than I usually do


Archival Backups are running now. Go-go gadget backup-changer!


Nice Geekbeer on friday. That was fun. Watched Buffy with the girl later that night. Also fun. Went to bed early. Played mario kart with Mike G. and Icon on saturday. Then dinner at carrburritos and much work on saturday night. Going to look at a new apartment tomorrow. Hoping it looks good. If it does then I might be moving soon. Much planning involved there. Kinda looking forward to it in some way. First time I will have moved in almost 5 yrs. That’s a looooooooooooooooooooooong time.


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