Sun 08 Feb 2004 23:12:40 GMT

February 8, 2004

apartment hunting – looked at an apartment with the girl today. The place is lovely. Good location, lighting isn’t too bad, some neat designs. And then there’s the kitchen. It’s tiny, it is like a tiny little cage. It could possibly be the most unwelcoming kitchen I’ve ever been in. It’s so cramped that it is a complete deal breaker. So, I think it rather unlikely that we’ll take it. A shame too, the location really is spectacular.


spent some time cleaning up my yum todo list. I also spent a good while writing some email about yum. I described in fairly good detail the new yum ‘theory of operation’. It describes how I want yum to use the new metadata and what things I think yum gains out of doing this. I should definitely clean that email up a bit and post it to the yum list – it’s got some good info which would probably clear some things up for people I’m working with.


much good discussion with gafton and notting on irc this evening. Lots of talk about what things need to get done and in what order.

I got the new disk setup for but I’ve not moved the data over. Got sidetracked doing other things this weekend. Will have to work on this during this week.

built up a mailman rpm for fedora legacy – tested it – looks good for me 🙂


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