Mon 09 Feb 2004 23:37:24 GMT

February 9, 2004


I started work on rewriting the update templater. It’s used by fedora legacy and core for sending out those nifty little update notices. A couple of logical snags are kinda hanging me up at the moment. Working on the other functions that need writing in the mean time.

Trying to make it support multiple dists and multiple-package update notices is trickier than one might expect, especially when you consider the changelog information is being printed. Makes little sense to include the changelog for all the packages listed if either: 1. they came from the same srpm or 2. they’re different for each distro version.

So I think changelog information is of questionable value. If there is an update then the update comment should include the requisite information, right?

The fun part about this little script is that I think I’m going to have it dump out a simple xml file for the update AND the formatted text output for the update notice. That way the xml file could be put in a directory with all the other update notices so then a script could be run on that dir to return the last N notices in, say, a simple rss feed, or to a web page.

I know, I know, why not just use a database to store this data? Well, frankly, this is the sort of information I could see being very valuable and often-used. That being the case replicating these files via mirrors might not be out of the question. Mirroring a bunch of small xml files is A LOT easier than doing the same for a sql db.

I dunno. I welcome other ideas. It’s late and my brain is breaking down.

I moved all the data around on and Lots of free space now for the misc test releases that Justin does. I hope there will be some other test dists up there too. Like a ppc tree (hint, hint Paul and Elliot πŸ™‚


paperwork, misc milling about and reorganizing parts of our server room. Thrilling. No. Really. I mean it. πŸ™‚


Took a lovely impromptu nap on the sofa with the girl right after work. It was quite nice.


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