Tue 17 Feb 2004 05:26:31 GMT

February 17, 2004

Not posted all weekend. Spent the time working on the updates code and spending some time with the girl. Nice valentines day, overall. Got the updates code working and have a bunch of fairly ridiculous test cases that it passes with flying colors, including the biarch updating. I realized I needed to handle all the possible ‘oh my god this is so stupid’ cases. I think at some point I should write a script that looks through the packages and deps in your rpmdb and says ‘the following incredibly odd things have been found, you should fix them’

I’m convinced that if you stare at package update determination code for longer than 20 minutes at a time you’ll slowly slip into a coma.

Now the obsoletes lists – these should be comparatively much easier.

Tomorrow it is the opteron install, though. Much racking and shuffling of nodes! yay! or something.

more here soonish – too tired to write much else.

ps: as I’m writing this advogato is apparently down for maintenance. I think gnome-blog needs some error dialog boxes for when that occurs.


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