Wed 18 Feb 2004 23:48:15 GMT

February 18, 2004

libxml2 quote from Dive into Mark:

Libxml2 is fast. I mean insanely fast. Nothing else even comes close. It is insanely fast and insanely compliant with all the specifications that it claims to support, and it is getting faster while gaining more features. So you just know that somewhere, someone is selling their soul to somebody, and you just hope it isn’t you.

I just think that’s cool. Go DV!


I’ve been working on various items and kinda seeing something resembling the tunnel and maybe some light at it. Which clearly means I’m delusional. Nevertheless, I realized there are a lot of glue-ish functions that need writing so I started asking people I know and trust to see if they have time/interest to beat up on some of them. I kinda hope they do.

Also I realized if I can get all of this working and sane, there will be some evil-cool things that we can get out of it. Just lots of misc things to do.


All of the opterons we have rails for are up and running, yay for that. It’s amazing. Whenever it seems like I have more work outside of physics to do, it also seems like work in physics explodes into a ton of tiny little jobs at the same time.

Special hell.


  1. dental work needed – joy, cleaning tomorrow, filling issue next week, then scheduling wisdom teeth extraction. Did I mention joy?
  2. parents coming in town this weekend w/little brother – should be cool
  3. still shopping for apartment/house – at least one new place on our list to look up.
  4. really need to start getting to bed at sane hours
  5. been reading ‘wicked’ by gregory maguire. Cool, so far, I like hearing ‘a’ backstory to the wicked witch of the west.

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