Mon 23 Feb 2004 00:11:43 GMT

February 23, 2004


Well I faced facts – the new metadata work isn’t going to be ready by this friday when the freeze is for FC2 test 2. So, I punted, backported a number of useful options to yum 2.0.X and did a couple of hacky things to speed up header acquisition.

On the plus side I implemented a couple of long-desired features:

–download-only – only download packages, don’t do anything with them

–exclude= – add package(s) to the exclude lists on the cli

bootloader=0 – turn off updating of the bootloader on new kernel install/update.

Gave commit access for yum to a couple of deserving folks. Yay Ryan.


Watched Jonny English and An Ideal Husband. I’d seen the latter before – such a great movie. The former was Naked Gun in England. My parents and younger brother were in town this weekend for a golf tournament for my brother. He did pretty well. It was nice to see them and kinda relax with them. They stayed with me which was a little cramped but over all fairly nice. I got to watch Logan play golf for the first time and he’s quite good. Sunday, on the whole, was lovely.

My Mom loved An Ideal Husband and on the whole saturday night was really pleasant. My Dad flew out to Georgia to visit my brother. Kinda hoping he’ll stop by back here on his way back from Georgia. Not sure if he’ll have time. It’d be nice to have dinner with just he and I.


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