Mon 23 Feb 2004 23:04:17 GMT

February 23, 2004

Sleep is such a long lost friend of mine.


Fixed the comps hack so it actually works now (Thanks to Jeff Sheltren and Josko Plazonic) and I added in enablegroups=0|1 for repository configuration.

I’m hoping to add in reading rpmdb-$distro soonish and have that as the preferred option over comps/hdlist reading. The hdlists do lack changelogs and some people like searching those. (freaks 🙂


Not much of one – watched the girl and her friend work on manga and I thought fondly of sleep. Oral Surgeon tomorrow for my consultation for when I’ll have pain inflicted on me. Then dentist on Wednesday.


Debate on Open vs Closed source Build vs Buy at Clac on thursday. I fully expect that to be a flamefest. I’m supposed to be one of the people on the ‘panel’ or something, I think, I’m not sure. I figure I’ll show up and talk, or I won’t, we’ll see. 🙂


From the doom I’m hearing I fully expect fc2 test2 to cause the world to explode. Sounds like selinux is an interesting level of pain.

I’m wondering where the public CVS server has gotten off to.


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