Tue 24 Feb 2004 23:28:52 GMT

February 24, 2004


New yum pushed to rawhide^Wdevelopment tree. Yum 2.0.5 into fedora core 1 updates-testing. Changed a couple of trivial things in the yum.conf man pages. Also did the enablegroups=0|1 thing. I need to update the docs more to:

  • remove all references to ‘server’ and replace it with ‘repository’
  • all the places where I mention a configParser boolean needs to say ‘0|off|no or 1|on|yes’ for the value. It would make people less confused at times, I think.


Discussion of the cvs^wsvn^wtla^wrcs server today. Looking forward to how that finishes out. I need to try out Matthias’ zope packages sometime soon – see how zope would do as a cms for fedora.


mirror server is so overloaded people internally are complaining. Synced the important bits over to the internal distribution server. I need to:

  • setup tux and just bite the bullet on it
  • turn cbq back on again
  • add ram
  • add a second processor
  • maybe play with thttpd and see if I can make it not suck
  • see what other people are doing to make their http servers fast and correct (ie: boa has issues with sometimes serving up the wrong dir index, but the right data below the index)


The girl is sick :(. She has a fever and body aches. Want the girl to get well soon. 😦

My dad came in to town from visiting my elder brother in GA. We had dinner and talked for a long while, it was really nice. He ended up staying here instead of driving home b/c his flight was late. Kinda pleased about that, would rather not have him fall asleep while driving home late at night. It was nice to eat dinner with him when we’re both not completely slammed with things to do.

Scheduled the oral surgery for the 12th. Need to make sure to change roots before then so I can’t do stupid things while I’m drugged up and cranky. ok, well I’m always cranky.

Visited another place to live. The guy never showed up to show us the apartment but it didn’t look like a place we wanted to live, so all the better. Reconsidering that townhouse now. I still don’t like the kitchen but we might be able to make-do. I dunno, worried that the kitchen will annoy me too much and annoy the girl, too.


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