Wed 03 Mar 2004 21:17:41 GMT

March 3, 2004

sitting on gaim last night. A friend of mine IMs me, asks if she could crash on my sofa if she came down. I said sure. She’s come down and done that before, no problem. She IMs again after a few minutes and asks if she can bring someone along. I make a comment about making sure they are clean and I consent.

They show up around 2am. We talk for a while. They work for the edward’s campaign (well, they work for the company that runs the campaign). They came down from DC to Raleigh to be there for his speech announcing his withdrawal from the presidential candidacy race.

Nice visit overall, they came down and it was pleasant. It was also fun walking into elmos with all women instead of all men for a change. And three attractive women is even nicer. 🙂

Released a yum daily to fix a log problem and the rpmdb-$distro silliness that hit fedora development release.

I was syncing up the data for the x86_64 release when I noticed that the isos weren’t matching up on two different sites. Noted it to the players involved and found out that somewhere along the way someone had respun some isos and someone else hadn’t gotten the respins. So I guess I sorta helped, but I really just made a lot of people redownload a lot of bits.

Oh well.

Answered a lot of misc email for work and for yum. Fun fun fun. However it was 73F here today and I was working from home and it was lovely to sit with the windows open and work very comfortably.

I should do that more often. Yay Spring!


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