Sun 07 Mar 2004 18:50:41 GMT

March 7, 2004


Added lots of new things to the config handling in HEAD. I’m mostly procrastinating and avoiding writing other code but at least it is productive procrastination! 🙂 Added yum.repos.d handling for a dir fule of repository config files. Also added mirrorlist support and in general made the repository code a lot more flexible.

I think Michael fixed the keepalive bug that people have been seeing occasionally. Always good stuff.

Worked out some other things I need to do for HEAD. If all goes well 2.0.6 will be available for fc2 test2 and HEAD will show up as functional shortly after fc2 is released.


spent a lot of time playing mario kart and walking the dog this weekend. That’s good. Got to see a fantastic house on friday but there is one person in line in front of us to get it. I really hope they pass it up but I can’t imagine why they would. It’s incredibly beautiful and only has a couple of flaws in terms of what Eunice and I want. Very frustrating. Going to try the ‘offer more money’ tactic if all else fails.

Root canal time is coming soon. Boy I’m not looking forward to that. I’ve been weaning myself down from the advil and orajel so they can operate at their best efficiency after the root canal and before the wisdom teeth pull. Should be a blast.

The girl has had a rough week with her left eye. She’s got a corneal erosion (eye-doctor way of saying “she cut her eye”). She doesn’t know how she did it but it’s there. She’s been wearing a protective contact lense over it and taking eye-drop antibiotics. We go back to the eye-doctor tomorrow morning bright and early to see if it’s healed properly or not. All in all a very busy doctor-appointment-laden week ahead of us.

My mom shows up on thursday night to help with the reality-challenged-me post-wisdom-teeth-removal. That should be fun. I’ve never had general anesthesia before nor have I been on serious pain medication like vicodin or percocet before. A little apprehensive about both, in fact.

And in case Icon or Chris are reading this, this is a reminder to CHANGE THE ROOT PASSWORDS before I go to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I don’t want any ‘whoops I rm -rf’d the world in my drug-induced stupor’ problems occurring.


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