Tue 09 Mar 2004 20:16:21 GMT

March 9, 2004

root canal wasn’t that bad. I get to go back on the 24th to get the cap put on. Wisdom teeth loom in the not so distant future. I did very little work on yum today. A couple of stub function holders and some milling about. Was completely baffled by someone who emailed the yum list just to say that everything worked well and he was happy with it. That gave way to an seeming avalanche of “yum doesn’t suck” messages. This is nice to hear from time to time.

My younger brother called. He’s 14. In 8th grade, taking algebra. He had to do synthetic division of quadratic polynomials. He called me for help. I realized how much I’ve forgotten. A little bit of time on google and a fair bit of time saying ‘no, that can’t be right’ and I worked it out. I felt so smart, then I realized I just proved that I can do math at an 8th grade level. But I helped my brother so, yay!


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