Wed 31 Mar 2004 20:38:39 GMT

March 31, 2004

Wow, long time since a blog entry.

Been busy-ish, I guess.

Some mario kart, some yum, some work-work, some rpmutils stuff, some metadata stuff. All in all very exciting kind of stuff.

Installed fc2t2 on my laptop and desktop, not too bad, made my network card on my desktop retch. Never a good start, but it made me take note of how slows things are when the card is running in 10bt half duplex.

Yum progress is continuing. The new yum now reads in the new metadata, parses it, gives me a list of new packages and packages available for updates and then promptly exits.

Not hooked the new metadata up to the transaction builder yet. wanting to get some pieces of the excludes figured out before I do that so I don’t code up a bunch of places I have to go back to later and retrofit exclude=’s into.

Gotten some recent useful patches for yum 2.0.X from various folks. Two translations – Ukranian and Czech (now the translations are: Ukranian, Czech, Russian and Spanish – looks like we’re gaining ground in the eastern-european languages 🙂 and a useful patch to do something quasi intelligent when someone chooses, bizarrely, to run in debuglevel 1 all the time.

Mirrors: If you’re thinking about helping out with the problems with the fedora mirrors I would recommend talking to your local mirror admin and asking them what problems they’ve been experiencing with syncing data and mirror management BEFORE posting about what you think the best solution is.

Also, if you think that the solution to mirroring problems lies in enabling bittorrent support in all of the pkg updating clients; you should evaluate some actual numbers on this before proposing it. It’s been proposed on many occasions. It’s not been implemented or used for some good reasons.

Bittorrent syncing between the mirrors might be a very effective measure. Bittorrent syncing b/t the end-clients and the mirrors, probably not.


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