Wed 07 Apr 2004 16:16:30 GMT

April 7, 2004

I won! Cups works fine if you have the client setup to talk directly to the print server. The trouble is that cups-lpd(which I was using for some dumb reason) doesn’t work in that configuration, so I was inferring that meant the ‘server’ part on the workstations wasn’t working. Once I switched off cups-lpd and just used the ipp:// urls it worked out just fine.

Now, to configure the default ppd settings, move the server to it’s final resting place and bring the clients online to it.

There is still the general wonkiness of having a local queue and a remote queue and having those queues not have any correlating data to make removal of a job easier. If I queue a job and I know it’s going to print over there, and I want to remove it, I don’t care if I remove it here, I care that I can remove it over there.

anyway it’s more or less ok and now we can play more games with ppds and fighting with printers that almost implement the postscript specification.


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