Thu 15 Apr 2004 22:22:51 GMT

April 15, 2004

Short entry:

– a bunch of misc bugfixes today

– daily release of yum 2.0.X – looks pretty good for 2.0.7, I think.

– metadata work got helped a bit today – found out if I kill the
pretty-printing of the xml in the metadata I can get an import speed-up of
about 20%. Now the numbers are down where I’m comfy with them on reasonably
meager hw. On fast hw the times are downright negligible. Looking at 8s on a
p3-933 and 13s on a p3(ish)-550(speedstepped-slow-ass-laptop) and 2-3s on a
dual opteron 242.

– played with syslog-ng packages today – some very nice packages provided by
José Pedro Oliveira here:
– I had to change them a bit to get rid of the non-real sysklogd conflict
but otherwise very nicely done. syslog-ng+stunnel for remote-host log
sending is very pleasant and not difficult to setup. I hope syslog-ng gets
in as default logger for FC3. It’d be nice to dump syslogd finally.

– Finished ringworld engineers today, too, kinda liked the ending, left a
few things hanging, which is fine.

– the girl did her masters talk today, very good for her. Looking forward to
tomorrow after the “master’s lunch”. I think I’ll have to call her mistress
from now on, though 🙂


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