Sat 17 Apr 2004 23:55:42 GMT

April 17, 2004

I was going through some old websites today, killing time, cleaning up some bookmarks. I stumbled on – does anyone know what happened to them? After 9/11 they kinda vanished. I got a couple of shirts from them but things on the site never changed and no real information ever came out of there. It’s odd, the website still functions, and there are even (very angry) posts from people on their message boards, but no answers. I loved their decss shirts and some of their very clean, very simple stickers. It looks like their domain expires at the end of may this year, if it’s really a dead site then maybe when the domain expires it will finally be allowed to disappear. I’d love to see the original images used to make the shirts be put up online for others to download. I’d love to make some of those they had. The , geek, FSCK, Total World Domination, these were all fun shirts. They made the best tux sticker, just a simple, clear-background sticker with tux in the middle, perfect for a car or a laptop. A real shame they appear to no longer exist.

If anyone knows what happened to them, drop me a line.


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