Tue 20 Apr 2004 00:49:12 GMT

April 20, 2004

libxml2’s xmlReader interface is just a little bit faster than the more common method – it’s a lot lighter on memory, of course, b/c you don’t have to have the whole doc in memory. However, I can’t figure out a sensible way to provide a progress callback interface when you’re dealing with something that reads the data as a stream.

How do I tell someone how far they are from the end w/o knowing how long the whole thing is? Afaict, I don’t, which means I can’t provide any sensible callbacks.

I’m mildly torn on how to proceed. the memory footprint of the xmlReader interface is compellingly smaller than the other interface but sometimes these files can get big and can take some time to import, so a progress callback is a useful feature to tell users what to expect.

Open to suggestions… 🙂


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