Thu 22 Apr 2004 01:13:28 GMT

April 22, 2004

I think I need to move west. It’s 3:50am and I’m up, brushing my teeth, writing this blog after having worked on yum for the last, oh, let’s be generous and say 3 hours.

Got some hurdles out of the way, now most of the harder stuff left is assembling what I’ve written thus far, cursing the stupid things I’ve done, refactoring, then putting out tests for people to destroy and make me cry. 🙂

I’m not getting enough sleep this week, I know this b/c I’ve caught myself falling asleep at random times. Never a good thing, but I’ve gotten a lot of code done and this makes me happy.

I get to rearrange a bunch of machines in my office tomorrow, this should be oodles of fun. Ultimately, it should mean a quieter and much nicer looking office (I hope).

Watched Angel with the girl tonight. Good show, I thoroughly enjoyed watching illyria beat up spike very nonchalantly.

The girl has been cooking a lot recently. This is always a nice treat, she cooks interesting things and they’re tasty. I’m more of a ‘here are the list of local restaurants, which one you want?’ sort of guy when it comes to cooking. So it’s kinda neat watching how much interest she has in cooking involved dishes. Sometimes the dishes aren’t that involved, they’re just tasty.

Tonight she made a tofu salad in pita bread, with a cucumber salad (korean-style), tomato slices and strawberries on the side.

All puns intended: YUM.

Still trying to figure out if the matzoball soup was better, though. I think it just seemed better b/c it was a crappy day and the soup was warm and wonderful.

Noticed clarkbw‘s idea of posting the 5th sentence from the 23rd page from whatever book is on your desk/nightstand:

“He’d always known he was different. More bruised for one thing.”

Guards, Guards – Terry Pratchett

This section is introducing Carrot. I personally model myself on Carrot except for the forthrightness, the honesty, and the wholesomeness. But other than that I’m just like Carrot. Oh, except that he’s described as being in good shape and I’m not. But otherwise, that’s me. No, really. I swear. 🙂


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