Mon 26 Apr 2004 22:43:28 GMT

April 26, 2004

Fun evening – got a call from pnasrat. He’s in raleigh for the red hat world meeting or some such. Apparently the food sucked and I was being called in to the rescue. 🙂

So off I go to raleigh. Good directions from mapquest, found the place but then realized I only vaguely know what Paul looks like. Hmm. Then I see a bunch of people with red hat badges and ask where to look for other people with red hat badges. I stroll back behind the comedy club/bar and look around until I see someone who vaguely looks like Paul. He’s standing with Dave Jones and David Woodhouse.

So we split out for a vietnamese place I know of. Not too bad, nice to sit around and talk with folks I’ve encountered on irc and in general over the net. Nice group of folks. Nice to meet Paul finally who I’ve talked with extensively on irc but had not met. Despite his orkut photo he looks fairly normal. 😉

I’m quite looking forward to OLS to hopefully sit around with other people and talk about things.

Paul and I agreed to drag Adrian and Jeremy into an irc channel somewhere and talk about system-config-packages and yum and other package-mgmt related things. Should be interesting.

I had a nice weekend with the girl. Spent most of saturday just kinda bumming around. This was pleasant. Then sunday I got more things working in a pseudo-normal way in the yum HEAD branch. Still more to do, of course, all of the check functions for urlgrabber for downloading packages, etc. Meant to work on those tonight but alas it did not come to pass.

Supposedly there is a ‘fix fedora’ meeting tomorrow at the red hat thing. I hope to see lots of interesting comments on fedorapeople tomorrow from those in attendance.


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