Fri 14 May 2004 11:25:15 GMT

May 14, 2004

This should have posted a couple of days ago but advogato was having issues.

long day.

Setup a CentOS box today to test out that RHEL rebuild project. It installed, unsurprisingly, very easily. Was a little irritated that they have a centos-yumconf rpm that doesn’t seem to label the conf file as config(noreplace) so the changes I made to the config file didn’t stay when I ‘yum updated’. The box itself works fine. I expected it to work like the other RHEL boxes and it does. Just like RHL9 except with a kernel with a hopefully better behaving VM. I also discovered that from what I can see my 3com 3c905C-tx-m sucks big ugly eggs under FC2-devel. Lags, halts, things get terribly weird. So I swapped it for an e100 I had on hand and things even out dramatically. Never a good sign, that. I’m hoping I can figure this out b/c we have a lot of that card and I like how nicely they PXE.

Wrote up some not-yet-finished notes on how to yum update from FC1 to FC2 with relative ease. I’ll post a link here when I’m happy. It’s not a hard process and for most people it’ll work fairly ok. For some people, however, for example, people using LVM, there are certain things yum just can’t do, and there is no nice way around it on a running system. This is where anaconda is the only way to do it. Since it is running outside of your installed system it can muck with things w/o worrying about making its environment completely unusable.

Noticed advogato was completely blank this evening. That’s alarming. I should figure out a nice little script that will ‘backup’ my entire journal for me, so I have a copy of it.

I kinda wish there was a good blogging system, in python, that used a sql database as the backend. I’ve seen moveable type and it’s very nice but I don’t like the license even a little bit. pyBloxsom is nice but nothing with the whole sql-thing.

Ideally, I’d love a python+sql+reasonable external auth so I could setup a blogging system for people here at Duke. But that is time and time is something I lack.

For one reason or another the subject came up today of ‘what if my job changed so I was doing more programming and less system administrative tasks?’ An interesting question. Not sure my answer.

Watched Angel and Enterprise with the girl tonight. One more Angel episode then there will be no more Joss Whedon shows anywhere on TV. This makes me sad. Between him and Aaron Sorkin I don’t think I watch much anything else.

I’ve been almost impressed with Enterprise for the last few episodes, I’ve found myself almost giving a shit about the plot. Wish they had written like this all along.

3 more days until the move. Not looking forward to the impending days of chaos but I am looking forward to moving in.

Went by the new place and took some more pictures.

It looks spiffy in there, looking forward to seeing it completely empty, then filling it back up. The girl noticed thistree that’s in the backyard. It’s hard not to notice it. There is another that I think is bigger in the adjacent, empty lot. I think she may be convinced of the presence of a totoro. But I’m afraid it’s not a camphor tree. But totoros and cat buses are welcome, in my opinion. A cat bus would be fun to ride to work.

I think I’m headed to bed early tonight. Got a lot of misc things to do tomorrow and I’m hoping to split out early on friday to finish some packing.


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