So things work to dump to templates cleanly from a cgi. Utterly
trivial, I know, but it’s new to me :). xmlrpc is probably the call for
tomorrow night but for tonight I have nicely presented templates and I
setup the config infrastructure needed to make everything else happen.
I stole a huge portion of how that is handled from PyBlosxom b/c it’s
dead simple and hard to screw up. It has its draw backs, and I could
dump it all for ConfigParser or xml parsing but –shrug–.

Got some good stuff done at work, a fair bit of it, of course, was your
general argumentative discussion over email about site-licenses. I don’t
like paying for software so I tend to be a hardnose when it comes to site
licenses. Oh, well. Organizationally, many of the summer plans are beginning
to line up. The trick will be to pull them off, in addition to working
on this blogging tool, and yum and trying to spend some time with the girl.

Speaking of that hung out for a little while with her tonight, watching QAF.
That show is so full of drama it’s amazing. Fun to watch, though, and a little
hard to not watch. I’m just glad we’ve gotten through the first seasons on DVD.
DVDs of TV shows will my undoing. Too much addictive material in one place
and just a thumbpress away. Scary. 🙂 The girl wasn’t feeling all that well
tonight :(. I need to make sure I get to bed tomorrow night nice and early
because I have to be at the oral surgeon (different one, this time) on wednesday
bright and early to have them cut on my gum. Nothing like miscellaneous
mouth pain to brighten the day and force you to lose weight. Looks like I’ll
be drinking my meals again, at least for a little while. On the plus side I’ve
discovered that I like yogurt a lot more than I used to.

So editing by hand sucks, this we know, duh. 🙂 However, it
made me desire to fix this state. So, I looked over the db schemas from
wordpress and took the parts I cared about (just the posts, categories
and authors). Then I wrote some scripts to convert my diary.xml from
advogato and dump them into that db format. Then I grabbed
the htmltmpl
modules that are used in the planet code and grafted the data from the db
out into a template of my choosing. So now I have a db backended blog.

Now to get data into the database! I’ve read through the metaweblog
xmlrpc interface from pyblosxom. For the most basic case it is simple.
So I’ll be hacking on that to get it so I can post from gnome-blog to there.
Once I achieve that, I’m done. :). I’ve stolen a lot of concepts from
pyblosxom and after this is said and done I might be able to just write
a sql ‘entries’ for pyblosxom. But this is a good learning experience. I
liked how simple the htmltmpl parsing is and being able to abuse postgres
from python is a good thing. Maybe one more day of concerted work and
I should be able to finish this off. I know, I know, I should be working
on yum, I’m a bad, bad man.

Outside of the coding I spent a fair bit of time with the girl this weekend.
Movie on friday night. Law and Order last night. Went over to CH-Hill on sunday
to get some nice lunch at the mediterreanean(sp?) place. Then to borders so
she could, apparently, buy more or less all the manga they had. I picked up
two things. One in particular is the soundtrack to Love Actually. A great movie.
If you have a date, that is. Not the best movie for by yourself. Nevertheless,
the soundtrack is wonderful. The track by Joni Mitchell is deeply saddening. When
we watched the movie we watched all the extras. This included an interview with
the director where he explained the music selections. I wish more movies had that.
He had gone out of his way to make the tracks match up well with the scene. And you
can tell. A lot of the music on this album is not what I normally listen to.
It’s a little more R&B; than I’m normally into but it’s well worth the listen if
you get a chance. Things flow together well.

It’s a bit disturbing how rapidly west my hours are heading. Need to careen back
toward EDT, I think.

Trying out editing the rss by hand. Tired of waiting for advogato to come back
to the land of the living. I understand server problems, but it’s just not
something I feel I can rely on anymore. I’m trying to dupe out the xmlrpc
interface to pyblosxom to try out dumping that data to a mysql db. Much yum
and rpm-metadata work over the last month or so. I need to do a maintenance
release of 2.0.X, though, a couple of bugs affecting people in non-english-speaking

So, until I get a real blog going I’ll just work with this, I think.