more on the blog tool and life, etc

June 17, 2004

So things work to dump to templates cleanly from a cgi. Utterly
trivial, I know, but it’s new to me :). xmlrpc is probably the call for
tomorrow night but for tonight I have nicely presented templates and I
setup the config infrastructure needed to make everything else happen.
I stole a huge portion of how that is handled from PyBlosxom b/c it’s
dead simple and hard to screw up. It has its draw backs, and I could
dump it all for ConfigParser or xml parsing but –shrug–.

Got some good stuff done at work, a fair bit of it, of course, was your
general argumentative discussion over email about site-licenses. I don’t
like paying for software so I tend to be a hardnose when it comes to site
licenses. Oh, well. Organizationally, many of the summer plans are beginning
to line up. The trick will be to pull them off, in addition to working
on this blogging tool, and yum and trying to spend some time with the girl.

Speaking of that hung out for a little while with her tonight, watching QAF.
That show is so full of drama it’s amazing. Fun to watch, though, and a little
hard to not watch. I’m just glad we’ve gotten through the first seasons on DVD.
DVDs of TV shows will my undoing. Too much addictive material in one place
and just a thumbpress away. Scary. 🙂 The girl wasn’t feeling all that well
tonight :(. I need to make sure I get to bed tomorrow night nice and early
because I have to be at the oral surgeon (different one, this time) on wednesday
bright and early to have them cut on my gum. Nothing like miscellaneous
mouth pain to brighten the day and force you to lose weight. Looks like I’ll
be drinking my meals again, at least for a little while. On the plus side I’ve
discovered that I like yogurt a lot more than I used to.


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