July 21, 2004

Spent some time last night talking to some folks about fedora and how
to make things seem more transparent. The answers were “wait until things
get fixed internally” and “do things yourself”. Not the easiest things but
-shrug- things are seldolmy easy

Wrote ‘yum list recent’ in cvs-HEAD during part of a talk. It’s very easy
now with the rpm-metadata and will make people looking for what’s new
in their repositories, even if they don’t have it installed pretty easy.

Spoke to jbj for a while who had a neat idea to make some of the mirror
swamping a bit better. I’m afraid the coordination of pkg update releases
is more than fedora could ever muster but it would be useful.

nfsv4 talk was great. Taught me a set of things I wasn’t familiar with but
I’m positive I will become more familiar with before long. Specifically for
people at Duke. The use of a user-authenticated (via krb5) nfs mount is not
to be ignored.

Made it to Ottawa

July 19, 2004

You’d never know it but we made it to ottawa. We barely made it to
the plane (save 5 minutes), thought we were going to have to strangle some
United Airlines Employees but the Air Canada people were a dream. But we
got here and it’s actually quite nice. The hotel room is bigger than expected
and with a shockingly stocked kitchen. It’s bizarre. We’re on the 5th floor
under my name is someone wants to come looking for me. If you come looking
with a baseball bat, I won’t open the little chain/bar lock-y thing. 🙂

On the downside some backpain related to this journey which has made
sitting, then standing, then walking something of an adventure, but I think
I’m on the mend. Just wanted to get a blog entry up before I go out for

For dinner I can recommend the Sushi place on Clarence called Wasabi,
well worth a quick walk from the Hotel. Looking forward to getting out
into the sunlight, the hotel is not the most well lit place in the world.

In Ottawa

July 19, 2004

First real day here. Woke up late (yay), had lunch at a freaky little
place then played tourist for the rest of the day. Some nice
pictures were taken.

It’s a nice town, I’m sure it’s cold as satan’s mouth in the winter but in
late july it’s quite pleasant. So far I’ve run into: DV, telsa, Havoc
and some other folks I can’t identify from their pictures or creepy-floating
heads on the various planet sites. I know Blizzard is somewhere 3 floors
above me and I’ve seen an array of linux-ish people – if only recognizeable
by their tshirt selections and shoes. Registration tomorrow should be a feat
of self introductions.

Checked in some changes for
createrepo. Mostly
just re-enabling groups support (incredibly ad-hoc, right now) and updating
version numbers. Also checked in some mish-mash for yum 2.0.X. Hopefully,
I’ll have a few evenings here to work on yum-HEAD and see if I can make
downloading happy. More things as it happens. Hopefully my battery will last
out the days.

Where to go to blog?

July 12, 2004

Guess who is a year older today? The girl! She’s getting old, like me.

Visted the dwellhouse on saturday, that was kinda cool, maybe a bit
overblown, but interesting to see. It would have been nicer if it
had been finished and maybe a little better coordinated but somethings
about the house were impressive. Well done decks and the construction
seemed stable. I didn’t like that the siding was pine. I expected some
sort of vinly or synthetic. It would have made more sense to me. The sinks
in the bathroom were great, though. Instead of being half ellipses they
were rectangular, flat and very shallow, less than 2 inces deep.

Worked a bit on kickstarts for work and new yum depsolving code. Got
it producing correct outputs in most cases. Realized there is a fair
bit of the dep tuple from a ts.check() that will not be happy without
knowing about the arch of the packages involved. Will probably have to
punt to the depcheck callback or look into Adrian’s vTransaction as
another option.

The kickstarts are turning up fairly rosey. They’re taking a little
longer on the install than I expected but I’m going to try to trim down
the mess and cruft that gets stuck into the distro on generic installs.

Damn, Damn, Damn

July 7, 2004

Why does it seem like this happens only to me? 🙂

Got the blog system working with limited MetaWeblog API xml-rpc support. It works enough to post from gnome-blog and blogtk. That’s all well fine and good but I have to scrap part of this.

I originally thought, I’ll let the user auth to the db and be the bind for the db themselves. The advantage is you don’t have to maintain a user acl table in the database and you can use the database auth functions. This stops working when you want a reader that is restricted to certain rows and nothing else.

So back to where I started, somewhat, a shared db-bind account that does all the writing and I need to put together a user auth scheme and the user table needs to be enhanced to store this information.

On the plus side I got through the xmlrpc stuff so I understand what is INTENDED to happen now. And this will force me to make this more object oriented than it is right now.

On the plus side I can now blog from gnome-blog again and make that useful. 🙂

Mouth cutting was as wonderful as you can imagine. The girl was really nice to me despite my being exceedingly grumpy.