Damn, Damn, Damn

July 7, 2004

Why does it seem like this happens only to me? 🙂

Got the blog system working with limited MetaWeblog API xml-rpc support. It works enough to post from gnome-blog and blogtk. That’s all well fine and good but I have to scrap part of this.

I originally thought, I’ll let the user auth to the db and be the bind for the db themselves. The advantage is you don’t have to maintain a user acl table in the database and you can use the database auth functions. This stops working when you want a reader that is restricted to certain rows and nothing else.

So back to where I started, somewhat, a shared db-bind account that does all the writing and I need to put together a user auth scheme and the user table needs to be enhanced to store this information.

On the plus side I got through the xmlrpc stuff so I understand what is INTENDED to happen now. And this will force me to make this more object oriented than it is right now.

On the plus side I can now blog from gnome-blog again and make that useful. 🙂

Mouth cutting was as wonderful as you can imagine. The girl was really nice to me despite my being exceedingly grumpy.


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