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July 12, 2004

Guess who is a year older today? The girl! She’s getting old, like me.

Visted the dwellhouse on saturday, that was kinda cool, maybe a bit
overblown, but interesting to see. It would have been nicer if it
had been finished and maybe a little better coordinated but somethings
about the house were impressive. Well done decks and the construction
seemed stable. I didn’t like that the siding was pine. I expected some
sort of vinly or synthetic. It would have made more sense to me. The sinks
in the bathroom were great, though. Instead of being half ellipses they
were rectangular, flat and very shallow, less than 2 inces deep.

Worked a bit on kickstarts for work and new yum depsolving code. Got
it producing correct outputs in most cases. Realized there is a fair
bit of the dep tuple from a ts.check() that will not be happy without
knowing about the arch of the packages involved. Will probably have to
punt to the depcheck callback or look into Adrian’s vTransaction as
another option.

The kickstarts are turning up fairly rosey. They’re taking a little
longer on the install than I expected but I’m going to try to trim down
the mess and cruft that gets stuck into the distro on generic installs.


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