In Ottawa

July 19, 2004

First real day here. Woke up late (yay), had lunch at a freaky little
place then played tourist for the rest of the day. Some nice
pictures were taken.

It’s a nice town, I’m sure it’s cold as satan’s mouth in the winter but in
late july it’s quite pleasant. So far I’ve run into: DV, telsa, Havoc
and some other folks I can’t identify from their pictures or creepy-floating
heads on the various planet sites. I know Blizzard is somewhere 3 floors
above me and I’ve seen an array of linux-ish people – if only recognizeable
by their tshirt selections and shoes. Registration tomorrow should be a feat
of self introductions.

Checked in some changes for
createrepo. Mostly
just re-enabling groups support (incredibly ad-hoc, right now) and updating
version numbers. Also checked in some mish-mash for yum 2.0.X. Hopefully,
I’ll have a few evenings here to work on yum-HEAD and see if I can make
downloading happy. More things as it happens. Hopefully my battery will last
out the days.


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