Made it to Ottawa

July 19, 2004

You’d never know it but we made it to ottawa. We barely made it to
the plane (save 5 minutes), thought we were going to have to strangle some
United Airlines Employees but the Air Canada people were a dream. But we
got here and it’s actually quite nice. The hotel room is bigger than expected
and with a shockingly stocked kitchen. It’s bizarre. We’re on the 5th floor
under my name is someone wants to come looking for me. If you come looking
with a baseball bat, I won’t open the little chain/bar lock-y thing. 🙂

On the downside some backpain related to this journey which has made
sitting, then standing, then walking something of an adventure, but I think
I’m on the mend. Just wanted to get a blog entry up before I go out for

For dinner I can recommend the Sushi place on Clarence called Wasabi,
well worth a quick walk from the Hotel. Looking forward to getting out
into the sunlight, the hotel is not the most well lit place in the world.


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