July 21, 2004

Spent some time last night talking to some folks about fedora and how
to make things seem more transparent. The answers were “wait until things
get fixed internally” and “do things yourself”. Not the easiest things but
-shrug- things are seldolmy easy

Wrote ‘yum list recent’ in cvs-HEAD during part of a talk. It’s very easy
now with the rpm-metadata and will make people looking for what’s new
in their repositories, even if they don’t have it installed pretty easy.

Spoke to jbj for a while who had a neat idea to make some of the mirror
swamping a bit better. I’m afraid the coordination of pkg update releases
is more than fedora could ever muster but it would be useful.

nfsv4 talk was great. Taught me a set of things I wasn’t familiar with but
I’m positive I will become more familiar with before long. Specifically for
people at Duke. The use of a user-authenticated (via krb5) nfs mount is not
to be ignored.


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