take one down, pass it around

August 5, 2004

Setup a new bittorrent server today, migrating new things onto fedora.linux.duke.edu and hopefully have a real site there. It’s nice to get the torrent off on its own. Now, every release the fedorapeople site won’t drag to a halt. Need to do the os update on fedora.linux.duke.edu tomorrow morning sometime and then resetup all the applications and put the wiki in place on it. Then get some information in there and start setting up other applications for people to interact with. Just simple stuff, really, though. Nothing like what fedoranews has setup.

I made a good sized MUST DO list for tomorrow. Not the least of which is go through my email and delete all the crap. It’s almost astounding how much stuff accumulates. Normally, I don’t delete it b/c I think I’m going to respond to something. Then I get busy and don’t get back to it and can’t respond in a reasonable amount of time. Oh well.

Spent some time messing around with having yum generate an rss feed of the most recent N packages matching a certain user specified string (or w/no string added just the most recent packages). It really has no business being in yum but it made me abstract a couple of items in my list functions out a bit more. Right now I have all the data to output the rss but it doesn’t generate the xml. I got pulled back toward the thing that I should have been working on to begin with. 🙂


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