Tweakage has occurred

August 9, 2004

Spent much of this evening patching up things from the big server move. Still have a lot to do tomorrow but most of it are things that users will never notice. I’ve been doing some performance checks on the network cards in my newer servers and I’m not liking the results I’m getting. Tomorrow, I hope to take the machines for the hep grid and start doing some more perf tests. having two of them running in a smallish office is not a fun experience (they’re LOUD) but it’ll be nice to be able to poke at them w/o having to take a hike to the server room (the very definition of loud).

If anyone has any advice on tweaking e1000 and tg3 cards to perform better than 1/3rd gigabit, let me know.

This weekend has been all work, next weekend is looking like significantly work. I might need to take a few days off just to focus on non-physics work. Sad, isn’t it? 🙂


Set up the fedora wiki for Hoping to get some content migrated there before long. It’s been promised! 🙂

More requests for RSS feeds of update information from rawhide/repos. I need to spend some quality time with yum+rss+newmetadata b/c I know it can work right. If someone wanted to generate an application that merged rss’s and compared changelog information to see what had changed from one to the next it wouldn’t really be that hard. hint, hint.


Not much work on yum this weekend, a little progress on the downloader but then I had to go into the office for the server upgrades. I’d like to be able to package things up sometime in the next week and a half, but who knows if I’ll get the time. Damn it. I hate pseudo deadlines.


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